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Get a Bottleless Water Dispenser for Your Office

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Filtered water coolers
In 2011, the total sales of water and water coolers in the US came to over $9 billion. Today, you can receive delicious carbon filtered water delivered to your office without the heavy, awkward bottles associated with traditional water coolers. Bottleless water coolers are becoming popular in many offices today because they are so easy to use, and the water tastes great. Bottleless water dispensers are far better than traditional water coolers because they help filter out bacteria better than those old, clunky water coolers. Plus, they are easier to change and install because the old, heavy bottles are no longer a problem. A water filtration and dispensing system may save up to 80 percent of costs compared to bottled water coolers as well. Bottleless water dispensers also look cool, and dispense water that tastes cool, clean, and refreshing. So if you would like to have filtered water coolers in your office that are bottleless, now is the best chance to lease one. They are very affordable, which is a good thing since Cook County in Chicago, Seattle, New York, and San Francisco made it unlawful to use government money to purchase bottled water. Purchase your bottleless water dispensers now for your home or office, and enjoy the taste of filtered water all year long. These point of use water coolers are just the thing to help you drink plenty of water and feel good throughout the work day. Drink filtered water today. Read more articles like this.

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