Cars that are too noisy are no longer welcome in Old Quebec, Marchand warns

Quebec City police will conduct “several” operations in May in Old Quebec, and will distribute offense findings to tighten the screw on drivers of modified cars that are too noisy.

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The Grande Allée and the streets of Old Quebec, where some motorists sometimes thunder, will be in the sights of the police, who plan to apply the brand new regulations on excessive noise adopted by Quebec City.

“I warn those whose masculinity depends on the noise of their car’s engine that there will be police operations in May.” We have agreed with the police to come and control the excessive noise and make sure that these areas are given a little calm, ”Mayor Bruno Marchand warned in a press briefing on Monday.

The mayor says he himself has witnessed “unpleasant as much as possible” behavior in recent weeks while walking in the high city over the weekend. He sided with the residents of the neighborhood, who have been complaining about it for years.

“Just a dozen cars an hour is enough to understand the exasperation of citizens.” […] Even those who don’t walk fast but have a modified muffler create a commotion and a hell of a bang, so we’re going to work with the rules that we’ve adopted that impose fines on those who don’t follow the rules. ” , he added.

Salty fines up to $ 2,000

Violators will face fines ranging from $ 150 to $ 1,000. In case of recidivism, the fines may be doubled. “A new muffler costs a lot less,” said Mayor Marchand.

“If there are people who hope to come and promote their latest acquisition, it’s not going to happen in Quebec City.” There will be a police force to deal with all of this because we care about the quality of life in Old Quebec and we want the people who live there to have an interesting quality of life and not the incessant noise of cars on weekend evenings, ”he insisted.

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