Chronique Boutique Naturo Santé: La science derrière contrôle du cholestérol

The levure de riz rouge contient un enzyme qui empêche le corps de fabriquer du cholestérol. This alimony is the origin of Chine. In the early 80’s, more and more pharmaceutical companies were embargoed in a course of development of a method of reducing the amount of cholesterol, according to the identification of the level of “Lipoproteins of the basic density”, (aussi). lié à certaines maladies cardiovasculaires.

The medics who exist are the general basics of the molecular structure of the rhizome. The difference is in the concentration of the present value. In the finer points of synthesis technology, a pharmaceutical compaction is a four-dimensional product with a higher concentration of non-synthesizing products that are basically capable of the source nature of a nutriment en question and donc, possessing a concentration of moins for which variations of manufacturers .

Cependant, the mechanism rests on the head. A blocking of the enzyme process for the production of cholestyrol, the corps and the registration of a reduction of the level of cholestyrol. On the other hand, this derivative is essential to the function of the corps, including the fabrication of hormones. Are we trying to solve the problems of cholestyrol at the same time as the problems of new families? Oui, donc il est toujours mieux d’utiliser une concentration plus faible de cet enzyme.

There are a number of strategies for reducing cholesterol in the corps:

  • Augmenter of the production of the product: the product is manufactured on the basis of cholestérol and naturally augmentation of the production of the product and avoids an impact on the LDL level. L’artichaut est is a bon exemple d’aliment which stimulates the production of the ball.
  • Consommers of vitamin B3 (niacine): it allows to increase the level of high-density lipoproteins (HDL cholesterol), which has an effective effect on the reduction of LDL.
  • Consolidate stérols vegétaux libres: ils imitating the cholestérol molecules and aident ia blocking the absorption of cholestérol, allowing an augmentation of the LDL elimination in the corps.

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