Gosselin and Dallaire on an ejectable seat on the Quebec executive committee

The clerk of the City of Quebec has ruled: the executive committee will not have 12 members, and it will probably be necessary to determine which of Jean-François Gosselin or Véronique Dallaire will be too many after the arrival of Claude Lavoie.

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Quebec City Mayor Bruno Marchand was visibly taken aback in the case, after promising a post on the executive committee to defector Claude Lavoie, who left the opposition (Quebec first) to join his party. Québec Forte et Fière (QFF).

Convinced that he had the full latitude to appoint a twelfth member to the executive, when he recruited Mr. Lavoie, the mayor will now have to reconsider his plans because the City Clerk confirmed to him that the Charter of the Quebec City provided for a maximum of 11 members (including the mayor) for the composition of the executive committee.

“We’ve received a response that goes in the direction of 11 instead of 12, contrary to what we’ve been told before. […] We still have time to validate things. No decision has been made at all, ”Marchand said.

In a few weeks

On Monday, the mayor of Quebec reaffirmed his intention to bring Mr. Lavoie to the executive in the next “weeks”. His tasks will be announced later. If the clerk’s interpretation of the rules is confirmed, then the mayor will have to sacrifice one of the two associate members from the opposition, he acknowledged.

Jean-François Gosselin (Quebec 21) and Véronique Dallaire (Quebec first) are both on an ejection seat; they will have to wait before they know their fate. Mr. Gosselin is in charge of leisure and sports, while Mr.me Dallaire carries the record of universal accessibility.

“There is nothing personal”

“It simply came to our notice then. There is nothing personal here […] We will look at what the executive needs to move forward and we will discuss it with colleagues, “said the mayor, adding that the work of collaboration with the opposition goes far beyond what is was in the executive.

“It will be up to the mayor to make his choices and justify them,” said opposition leader Claude Villeneuve.

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