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Selon is the new institution of the CSA for LinkedIn for the exclusive use of CB News, plus de de tiers (68%) for direct marketing and communication in the financial sector for RSE ndlr) is an incontinence-free approach to the development of the industry: the economic value and innovation of society. Si près de la moitié (46%) consulèrent que la RSE est déjà and enjeu important dans leurs outils et campagnes de communion, cette part est donc susceptible d’augmenter, explique l’étude, d’autant plus avec l’arrivée des nouvelles norms ESG (critique of economics, societal and government). and acteur qui lutte contre le changement climatique.

«The new agreement is based on the RSE guidelines. Nous observons and volume of posts and the concern of the RSE in the form of a constant augmentation », a confié à CB News Ioana Erhan, director of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions in France and responsive de l’offre Financial Services au niveau mondial. «Well, clients utilize the sponsorship of the competition for the RSE. Selon l’étude, ils sont en demande de plus de budgets pour traiter cette thématique. On the other hand, LinkedIn, the main principles of communication in the field of finance and the economy of economics are inclusive and inclusive ».

Alors que rse revêt de nombreux enjeux, les responsables marketing and communication du secteur financier s’accordent à placer les enjeux RH au de deurs precupupations. It is therefore considered that the amelioration of the whole or part of the mixture should be carried out on a first-come, first-served basis after the end of the year. In addition to the rules of the ESG, it is possible to determine whether a mutation in the sector of finance and direct marketing and communication is necessary. The financial and economic value of the economy is very important and it is very important that it should be used to account for 57% of the RSE priorities. In this case, 39% of the results are based on the principle of communication between RSE and third countries (36%).

The responses to the interrogation are the same as those of the communication RSE, “52% of the value of the payment is due to the possibility of communication between the points of preference plus the value” engagements. Quantities of motivation, such as self-interest, are also important. Amelioration of the image and re-establishment of the transfer (44%), in the form of a standard of participation (36%) may be a participant in a sector-wide mutation in finance plus responsive (32%) ) figurent parmi les plus citées. For this purpose, the RSE constitutes a reliable source of assurance for the clients: three quarters of the results and the positive impact of the client relationship between the client and the entrepreneur. “In the present case, there is a significant need to ensure that, in the context of a consortium of customers, the relationship between the interests of the company and the RSE investment company” is not clear.

«In the first place, the Community shall have the right to accept, in particular, the results of the action, the results of the action. For the benefit of this site: the campsite RSE has been selected on LinkedIn. In the present case, the campsite service has been completed in accordance with the above rules. This is a tendency to be observed in the world, ”said Ioana Erhan.

The communication skills do not include a fair face in certain frees. 30% of the responses are interchangeable for budget communication all over the RSE. Près de la moitié (49%) affirment of some of these budgets is not very important. For members of the public sector, the financial sector has the privilege to provide access to the Internet, the Internet has access to social media (60%) and the Internet business (50%). the address of the addressee to the public is the first place.

«The development of the market for the transformation of the market, and the transition to social change, has a positive effect on the performance of the sector, and the RSE has been adopted in the context of the finance sector. All the economic and financial resources of the RSE number 1 in the field of marketing, direct marketing and communication in the field of social security in the field of communication leurs actions et leurs engagements », by Ioana Erhan, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. The plate has cost 24 million users in France.

Methodology: It has been implemented in the context of the 200 national directors and responsables for marketing and communication for the financial sector. The question was administered on 13 December 2021 and 12 January 2022.

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