Montigny-le-Bretonneux – A potential resource for environmental education and education

“The idea of ​​this jardin can be pédagogical in Germany in the province of Philippe Chaplet, responsible for the sciences and nature of the city of Ville, and été mise en uvuv sous la houlette de Bruno Boussard, maire adjoint chargé de espaces verts and cadre of life, but également président de la Ferme du Manet », at the same émellée précisé le maire de Montigny-le-Bretonneux, Lorrain Merckaert (DVD).

A variety of plant species

The inauguration of this pédagogique will take place on Friday 15 June, under a single sunrise on the Ferme of Manet, in the presence of firefighters accompanying their parents, du maire et élus de la Ville.

Philippe Chaplet explores a cinquantaine of plantations composed of pottery, which is at the center an arbor offert by the Lions Clubs, which was originally planted in the early hours of Alain Aubriet. «Il ya pas mal de choses. We have salads, people, from the sea, from the radish, from the mentor to Par-là, we have made many curated bits that have been expensive, courtyard or even concomitant. The aromatic fruitiers are still being disposed of based on the local technique. »

Le potager pédagogique profitera «ous tous les élèves de Montigny. Un planning is always in place so that everyone contributes and learns to reproduce different fruits and legumes and to keep them entertained and organized. With a temperament like today, it is necessary to come arroser every two days », senthousiasme the responsibility of the science and nature.
The project of this potential pager is now only a few months after a large citations consulted by the éle-de-France region. It has been voted by hundreds of thousands of people. “It is allowed in Montigny to receive 7 505 euros of regional sub-inventory with 30% of the global montage of the project. The éfecture of Yvelines il égalementreusement contributed à hauteur of 50 12 509 euros », refueled the day.

Car, out of the plantations, the potential plant is also a viable project around the ecology and environment. “Un chemin piétonnier accessible to people à mobilité réduite (PMR) é été réalisé. The creation of bacs potagers, the installation of a small local technique to raise the matriarch, the miserable in place of a composter and, in a futuristic way, an archaeologist, also composed of space that the future ‘appropriately for tisser du lien entre eux », a souligné le maire.

Lorrain Merckaert has not been able to recover from the injuries in a handicap situation

Before launching an aircraft at the four-wheel drive in the main, Lorrain Merckaert was not able to re-engage the disabled in the handicap situation of AELI (Accelerated by the children and the inclusion), as well as the infants of the center of the loisirs of Manet, for the successful completion of work.

“Le but de ce jardin, lets le le maire, est de faire en sorte que les enseignants et animateurs de centers de loisirs s’approprient cet espace to make écouvrir aux ffants la vie des des des pot plants è. Ils [les enfants] y découvriront en more des fruits and légumes, petites b uttes utiles qui y vivent, but as well as the good management of resource in eau, le recyclage and compostage in an ecological space preserving the biodiversity », a conclu l’élu.

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