Deep ocean warming as climate changes

The subtropical North Atlantic. Credit: Marie-Jose Messias Much of the “excess heat” stored in the subtropical North Atlantic is in the deep ocean (below 700m), new research suggests. Oceans have absorbed about 90% of warming caused by humans. The study found that in the subtropical North Atlantic (25 ° N), 62% of the warming from … Read more

The CNCF form is based on the original source

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has announced the formation of a destination for investors who want to integrate the development of the concept of open source projects. If the term éthique revient régulièrement to suggest the data in the LIA, former les redeveloppeurs on this subject is not recommended. It is expected that the … Read more

Restoration of the Union of Unigrains | Capital Finance

Restoration of the collective français du marché de la restoration collective, reéorganise son capital. The right to retire from the conductors, Philippe Comte, accepts the minority action of the United Kingdom. The President, Emmanuel Saulou, held a position and a major minority, which would be conservative. The operation, which has been carried out by senior … Read more

Cherry Creek Alliance seeks to speak with unified voice for Denver business hub

Four Cherry Creek groups representing more than 1,000 businesses have teamed up to form the Cherry Creek Alliance to better address business support, economic development and policy issues in the east Denver neighborhood. Cherry Creek North, the Cherry Creek Chamber of Commerce, the Cherry Creek Leadership Council, formerly known as the Cherry Creek Business Alliance, … Read more

What science parle-t-on? | The Journal of Montreal

«Il faut croire en la science! »Combien de fois n’avons-nous pas entendu ce mantra depuis mars 2020? Certes, il faut s’incliner devant la science pour les questions déjà longuement étudiées et validées. Connaissance Mais pour ce virus encére mystérieux et pour lequel nous sommes aux frontières de la connaissance, seul un candidat au Prix Nobel … Read more

The Ghostly Sounds of Auroras Can Be Heard, Even When They’re Invisible

If you’re up high, and you listen carefully on nights when the northern sky dances with blazing sheets of green light – Earth’s spectacular aurora borealis – you might hear some ghostly sounds. Almost imperceptible, the sounds had only been heard during the wildest aurora displays, described as rushing sounds, like a waterfall at a … Read more

Bon plan – Les casques de réalité virtuelle HTC Vive Cosmos Elite et Vive Pro à prix réduits

Pendant quelques jours, le caque de VR HTC Vive Cosmos Elite profit d’une reduction from 300 euros. The kit completes with the Vive Pro for the free premium reservations available, from 250 euros. La réalité virtuelle offre une experience de jeu inédite et immersive. Plusieurs model de casques dédiés à la VR sont désormais commercialisés. … Read more

Agios chief scientific officer to depart amid layoffs, company pivots to genetic diseases

Klaus Vedfelt / DigitalVision via Getty Images Agios Pharmaceuticals’ (NASDAQ: AGIO) Chief Scientific Officer Bruce Car is stepping down at the end of July and the company is planning to reduce up to 50 jobs focused on exploratory research as the biotech rejigs itself again after the oncology divestiture. The Cambridge, Mass.-based company said its … Read more