Plan sénional santé environnement (PRSE) de Bretagne

Our health is conditioned by the environment in which we olvoluons in quotidien and with which we interact, individually and collectively. So, as far as we’ve taken, we’ve getting our buvons and the signals we consume are all we have to offer.

Les Bretons sensibles aux enjeux de santé environnementale

More than a dozen Bretons thought, on the course of their lives, a huge plague had been affected by a cancer, of which they were environmental. This sensibility was written in a marqué by problématiques environnementales spécifiques but also by fortes instituted by santé. This categorical, the région a terté é énnergie é é é il ont inscrites persistent, cell il il collective mobilization, to allow each of them to live in a respectful environment of safety.

This dynamique, carried out by actors and institutions, is troubled in formalization in the Environmental Plan (PRSE). Issu de la loi de santé publique du 9 aotût 2004, is a co-construction of a small, proposed route of a separate route around partitions.
It is connected by Etat, the Regional Convent and the Regional Convention of Santé. and constitutes an event of the traditional project of PR (PRS).

Le PRSE3 2017-2021 de Bretagne

The third strategic plan for environmental protection (PRSE3) is for sale to improve the quality of life of all.
Signed on 4 July 2017 by Christophe Mirmand, Bétagé Regéfet, Dominique Ramard, Régional Conseiller, and Olivier de Cadeville, General Directorate of the Barragne Agence of Aggression, il est. the products of a construction and mise en uvuv concertées among collectives, professionals of the world and of the environment, partenaires institutions and economies, associations and users.

The reduction of social incidents, environmental and territorial environments, as well as the mobilization of visibility and territorialization of initiatives are the new ambitions ported by the PRSE3. For women, the plan is drawn up aux impacts positifs d’un environnement favorable à la santé.

Consult the PRSE3 animation film:


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