Summer 2022: the best is yet to come

The start of the season rhymed with unstable and changing. A glimmer of hope, however, appears after the solstice. During the second half of the summer, we could move to a positive scenario marked by more favorable conditions. ALSO READ: Exclusive overview: three words will mark the summer in Quebec Shunned by the heat dome … Read more

Meteorite Discovery Challenges Our Understanding of How Mars Formed

A small chunk of rock that once broke away from Mars and found its way to Earth may hold clues that reveal surprising details about the red planet’s formation. A new analysis of the Chassigny meteorite, which fell to Earth in 1815, suggests that the way Mars obtained its volatile gasses – such as carbon, … Read more

The vase overflows in June

Since the beginning of June, it has rained several times in Quebec, especially in large quantities during recent storms. As a result, several regions are currently exceeding their monthly average rainfall. A well-watered June The west, center, and a portion of southern Quebec have already exceeded their average rainfall for June. On the southwest side, … Read more

Disappointing June, even worse July

In short: July mimics a disappointing June once in a while; Even July can be disappointing on its own; July can also redeem the summer. When June disappoints In 2022, June is somewhat disappointing, at least as far as our perception in general is concerned. The heat and good weather made some timid manifestations, never … Read more

WeatherMedia – IN PICTURES – Big hail, floods: thunderstorms sow havoc

Before hitting Quebec, thunderstorms broke out in Ontario. Uprooted trees, major property damage and power outages were reported on Thursday afternoon. Some of the damage on Highway 12 near Duffs rd. #onstorm #onwx @NTP_Reports Some of the damage on Highway 12 near Duffs rd. Alex Todd 🌪 on Twitter: “Some of the damage on … Read more

Quebec will know something it hasn’t seen in a long time

Sunday, June 12, 2022 at 1:28 PM – A summer-worthy heat will be ours in the next few days, but it won’t last long. The first days of June took place in a rather tenacious coolness. The heat was indeed trapped in the north of the country. Temperatures have been close to 30 ° C … Read more

New Study Suggests That a Young Jupiter Gobbled Up Plenty of Planetesimals

Jupiter is composed almost entirely of hydrogen and helium. The amounts of each closely conform to the theoretical quantities in the primordial solar nebula. But it also contains other heavier elements, which astronomers call metals. Even though metals are a small component of Jupiter, their presence and distribution tell astronomers a lot. According to a … Read more

July in Quebec: a heavy trend never seen before

Friday, June 10, 2022 at 5:00 PM – July is no longer the same in Quebec. This month has changed its face, especially in the last twenty years. Réjean Ouimet explains why. In short: Heavy tendency to heat; More heat waves; Never seen before. Progressive heat During the few weeks that the heart of summer … Read more

Can Venus sustain life? NASA’s DAVINCI mission to study the planet’s atmosphere

Venus has often been called Earth’s twin because of the similarities when it comes to both size and density. However, even though there are some things that are similar, the two planets vary a lot from each other. As a result, the study of Venus can help scientists in understanding a lot about Earth as … Read more

When June sets the tone for summer in Quebec

Thursday, June 2, 2022 at 6:00 PM – Is summer like June in Quebec? Réjean Ouimet answers the question. Analysis. In short: When June is cool: summer is 50% cool; When June is hot: 76% hot summer; When June is dry: 61% dry summer; When June is wet: 69% wet. June, summer barometer June, the … Read more