Vichy Creps (Allier) promotes physical activity as a health factor for the Ministry of Sports

The massive renovation site in progress contributes to giving Vichy Creps a second of youth. But if the establishment is breathing healthily, it is not only thanks to the financial lifting largely by the Region.
Since 2016, it has indeed joined the National Sports Health Resources Pole (PRN), tasked with declining at the national level the policy put in place by the Ministry in charge of Sports, which aims to “improve the health status of population by favoring the physical and sporting activity of everyone, on a daily basis, with or without pathology, at all times of life ”.

436 reported healthy sports houses in France

The main mission entrusted to the pole, and which represents about 80 % of its activity, is the animation of the network of healthy sports houses. These were for the purpose of welcoming the public and joining them in their sporting practice as a health factor.

Family mother desperate to submit to physical activity after one or more adults, man presenting with symptoms of a stroke, diabetic, elderly person who wishes to discover an adapted discipline, title of a medical prescription or not, can push the doors of the 436 reported health medical homes in the national territory. These structures, after a physical condition balance, will offer an adapted activity program.

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“The idea is that these people adopt new habits of life, that they turn to local associations, that they become independent in their practice.”

Delphine Laborde (head of the National Sports Health Wellness Resource Center)

“The idea is that these people adopt new lifestyles, that they turn to local associations, that they become autonomous in their practice,” concludes Delphine Laborde, whose pilot pole is currently still on account of Ministry of Sports, the fourth call for projects of healthy sports houses.

Healthy sports days on June 16 and 17
at the Vichy Congress Palace

The PRN collects the requests, verifies the completeness of the files. After instruction by the Regional Academic Delegations for Youth, Engagement and Sports (Drajes) and the Regional Health Agencies (ARS), a national programming committee will be set up on applications in October. The goal of the national health sports strategy 2019-2024 is to exceed 500 houses.
The work of the Creps national resources pole does not stop there. As part of his network animation work, he organizes, for example, healthy sports days that bring together all these structures for a moment of exchange. This year, this meeting will be held on June 16 and 17 at the Vichy Congress Palace and is expected to gather nearly 300 people.

Olivier Rezel

In numbers
There are currently three healthy sports houses in Allier: the Creps sports medical pole in Vichy, the Dahlir 03 in Vichy and the CMS (sports medicine center) in Montluçon Community.
In France, according to a 2017 ANSES study, 37 % of adults are considered physically inactive, while 66 % of young people aged 11 to 17 do not meet the Organization’s physical activity recommendations. World Health Organization.


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