Warren Buffett invested in a large party in society

The number of employees is 40,000 euros.

In the company of the Berkshire Hathaway, the first quarter of the year plus 53% of the variation in the value of the investment, with the general director Warren Buffett in the case of a fair traveler for the party ‘the pace of liquidation.

Berkshire Hathaway has been awarded $ 5.46 G, $ 3,702 per action in the third quarter. This represents an increase of $ 11.7 billion and $ 7.638 for action A, il ya and an.

The principal change for the third quarter is the amount of the liquidation of Berkshire at 106 G $, the comparison of 147 G $ from the investment, the investment is 51 G $ en actions. Warren Buffett in the sky dépensé 3.2 G $ pour racheter des actions de Berkshire.

For the first quarter of this year, Warren Buffett has accepted the contribution of the European Commission to the realm of investment in the multinational technology sector. l’exploration d’hydrocarbures, Occidental Petroleum. Cependant, in the case of the divergent divisions of the present action, is not the case under the law, and Berkshire and the other members of the company.

Toutefois, Berkshire, for the participation of the Pétrolier Chevron, received at least EUR 26 million in the third quarter of the year. L’Analyste de la société de services financiers Edward Jones, Jim Shanahan, mentioning qu’avec les investments in Chevron et d’Occidental, Berkshire avait désormais plus de G 40 investis dans le secteur pétrolier.

Berkshire is an independent subsidiary of $ 1.58 million for the first quarter of the year, and the investment is $ 4.7 million. This is the case for the variation of the net variation.

Warren Buffett found that the performance of the Berkshire business was a result of the performance of the company, which was an exclusive source of investment and investment. Selon cette mesure, les bénéfices de Berkshire sont restés stables à 7,04 G $, ou $ 4 773,84 par action de catégorie A, contre 7,018 G $, ou $ 4 577,10 par action de catégorie A, il ya un an.

Cela a dépassé les attentes de Wall Street. The quaternary analysis of the FactSet is based on the Berkshire Decree and the operating budget of $ 4 277.66 for Action A.

Berkshire and the company are responsible for the development of the company’s business, the services of the public and the company in the field of fabrication, for which the company is responsible for its business. assurance.

Selon Warren Buffett, a société a pu profiter de l’environnement hautement spéculatif à Wall Street.

«Berkshire is a chance to re-queue chose, for the sake of the sons of the intelligentsia, for the sake of the sons of the world», at-il lancé.

Warren Buffett, 91 years old, has been asked to answer questions about success. For the benefit of the President, the Vice-President, Greg Abel. Deux autres directeurs aux investissements lui prêteront main-forte.

In the context of the decentralization of culture in Berkshire, the establishment of a confederation of the right to receive a fair share of the risk of inactivity. This is the case with the public prosecutor’s office.

«Berkshire is a fondue for food. Il a’y aura pas de point final, a rowing Warren Buffett. The direction and direction of culture, and the cultural integration of the environment »

In addition to the investments, Berkshire Hathaway owns more than 90 entreprises, does not have a BNSF Railway, plus services to the public authorities, geo-security and non-manufacturing operations and ventures.

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